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Product Image
Pioneer SE-MJ551
0 Reviews
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MSRP  44.50
Description: Pioneer SE-MJ551-R; supraaural; 8 - 28000 Hz; 105 dB; 32 O; 40 mm; Wired- High audio performance with strong bass.- Foldable for easy carrying.- Swivel-out DJ monitor mechanism.- Changeable ear pads (coloured and black).The SE-MJ551 is the update to the popular SE-MJ5 over-ear headphones.With a large 40mm driver and 1500 mW input; they deliver the same rich; full-bodied sound. The padded headband and leather-style earpads render maximum comfort and durability. Entirely over-ear; it minimises any sounds from your environment.The foldable design makes it more compact and convenient to carry with you on the go.The DJ-style swivel-out ear cups allow you to swing out 1 cup while listening to the other. This way; you can have a conversation without having to stop listening to your music altogether.


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