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Best noise-resisting earmuffs or noise-canceling headphones?

I live in a super-noisy house and need to create a quiet environment for myself to study. I've tried the Peltor NRR-30+ Professional headsets, but they create a vacuum-like environment in my ears that makes them hurt a lot. Ear plugs don't work at all (I've tried most of them.) I think that my re ... Read More »

Noise Canceling Headphones

I just got the Sony MDR-NC6 headphones but does this headphone really cancel the sound well? I needed headphones that will cancel sound and when the power is off then I can hear everything around me.Read More »

Any decent noise-canceling headphones out there?

After upgrading my home speakers, my bose headphones sound ****ty to me. The thing is, they're the QuietComfort noise-canceling ones, and I like having them on the plane (I fly often). Is there another set of noise-canceling phones out there that work well and sound better than the bose?Read More »

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