Monster Cable Studio Noise Canceling Headphones

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Product Description

Hear studio-level accuracy and clarity from all your favorite music over a pair of over-the-ear headphones. Monster Cables Beats by Dr. Dre headphones combine advanced driver construction, built-in digital amplification, and integrated active noise-isolation technology to serve up your favorite tunes just as the artist intended them to be heard. The included iSoniTalk cable lets you answer calls while listening to music on your iPhone.

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Studio Lab series. Bone crushers

These sound best reflected off the barn across the field 500 yards out. Not so much in a closed space as they tend to blur vision. The old ton a lead technics makes them very happy. Not much found out about them but they do ripRead More »

Polk Lsi M707 or Paradigm Studio 100

Hi, I currently own a Polk Audio Rti A9 which is powered by a Denon 2810 and a power amp NAD 275 BEE. I am looking for an upgrade and the option that I have is an LSi M 707 as front speakers and LSi M706 C as Centre Speakers from Polk or a Paradigm Studio 100 and Paradigm Studio CC 690 as centre. B ... Read More »

IQ Studio Albums

Of the 10 studio releases from IQ over the past 30 years, I own the most recent 5 and have never heard the first 5. I do not own any of the compilations or live albums. Of those most recent 5 studio albums, I was always of the belief that THE SEVENTH HOUSE was the best effort.............and al ... Read More »

Paradigm Studio 100 vs Salk SongTower RT?

Well after auditioning many different speakers i have narrowed it down to Paradigm Studio 100s v5 and Song Tower RT. I picked Song Towers because of all the reviews and things i have read online. Only problem is i can not audition them any were in my area. So i come to you guys to help me out. These ... Read More »

Paradigm Studio 100s Pricing ?

Looking into getting a pair of Studio 100's. I have only 1 Paradigm dealer in a 100mile radius of me. I went there and demoed them this past week. Also demoed a few b&w and KEF. I def want to pick up a pair of the 100s after hearing them. Only problem is the price tag. They have them set at $3500 wh ... Read More »


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