Skullcandy FMJ In-Ear Earphones

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Skullcandy's Full Metal Jacket Earphones will deliver crystal clear mids and highs, while giving you deep and hard-hitting bass, with its 11mm speakers and 16 ohms. Hear the music the way it was intended by the producer.

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The New Arcam FMJ CD 37 SACD player

Hi guys, Arcam has taken out its latest CD P as part of its FMJ range but la behold it also does SACD .. [url][/url] Has any of you folks manged to have sneak listen in ?? im in the lookout for a CDP upgrade which also shuold have SACD.... th ... Read More »

Arcam FMJ A32 -vs- Primare I30 (updated A30.1)

Any pros, cons, recommendations regarding the Arcam FMJ A32 or the Primare I30 (A30.1) integrated amp? I'm looking for some feedback regarding audio performance, ample power, build quality, long term reliability. They would be used to drive a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozart speakers (6 ohms and 90 ... Read More »

Arcam FMJ cd23

I'm having a problem with my 2 and half year old Arcam. This high-end CD player's transport door won't open. Has anyone encoutered this problem? If so, what should be done? :mad: My Denon DCD1800U lasted 15 years with no transport problem. Thanks.Read More »


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