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Philips VRA671AT
0 Reviews
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Description: - Hi-Fi stereo sound with built-in MTS/SAP decoder lets you record stereo videotapes from stereo sound sources and play pre-recorded Hi-Fi stereo tapes in Hi-Fi stereo sound.<br>- VCR plus+ simplifies VCR programming by allowing you to simply enter PlusCode programming numbers for particular programs. Your VCR automatically selects the proper TV channel and program length.<br>- Auto digital broadcast satellite recordlink lets you record a program by setting your DBS receiver.<br>- 8-event/1-year smart programming lets you program your VCR for unattended recording of up to 8 separate programs over a full 365-day period.<br>- Digital auto-tracking system automatically seeks the best tracking position for the clearest picture and sound.<br>- Smart clock automatically maintains the correct time and even resets the clock after a power failure.<br>- Daylight savings time adjustment automatically compensates for DST in early April and late October.<br>- 181-channel FS tuning: digital quartz tuner can receive up to 181 channels without a cable decoder/converter.<br>- 15X forward/reverse latching search provides continuous forward or reverse search with a single touch of the control.<br>- Remote locator makes the remote beep, so you can find it quickly.<br>- VCR/universal TV/CBL/DBS remote manages all operating features and functions of this VCR, plus select functions of most Philips Magnavox and some other TV sets, some cable converter/decoders, and some digital-broadcast satellite receivers.<br>- Energy Star-compliant.


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