Harman Kardon AE In-Ear Earphones

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Harman Kardon AE headphones feature an aluminum-alloy housing for extended bass and true low-frequency reproduction. Optimized 3/8-inch (9-millimeter) drivers deliver extended bass response, wide dynamic levels, high sound-pressure levels and sound clarity at all volume levels. The lightweight AEs include silicone sleeves in three sizes for optimum comfort and an Apple three-button remote with built-in microphone for phone calls. A blend of sophistication and simplicity, AE headphones are part of Harman Kardon's first-ever line of headphones. Now you can take beautiful sound with you wherever you go.-Precision in-ear headphones with extended bass response and built-in microphone

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AE Aelite 2 vs. Kef iQ3

hello friends, I've been disconected from the forum for a while, and am hoping you can help me once again. I've racked up a bit of money and would like some advice. The Aelite two's are half price now, but I can't audition them:( .. My budget is about 220£, about 420 usd. I've heard the kef's and l ... Read More »

AE Aegis Speakers - bad sound

Hi, I have NAD 350 integrated amp and the C542 CD player with the AE speakers. The sound is quite poor during complicated passages at any sound level. Any one know if its the Electronics or the speakers? I'm thinking of buying the Klipsh rf 35. Any experience or comments are appreciated.Read More »

Acoustic Energy AE-1 MK.II anyone heard it?

Has anyone out there heard and Acoustic Energy AE-1 MK.II or in any way familiar with it? I know it's not a recent model- say maybe 5 or 6 years old model. ThanksRead More »

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