Aerial7 Bullet In-Ear Earphones

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Product Description

The Aerial7 Bullet Earbud Headphones are probably called the Bullet because they shoot your auditory cortex with a wave of passionate, love-making, saxophone-heavy jazz music. Or perhaps some eyeball-popping metal with chunky bass riffs and some angry white guy screaming about how screaming is more your thingeither way, the Bullet is pretty awesome.
  • Excellent Sound Reproduction
  • In-Ear, sound isolating design
  • Four optional size ear gels included
  • Soft, pliable cables

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Bullet bitten and trigger pulled

OK, resistance was futile following the commanding leadership of harley, Mr P, and blackraven I'm going Pass Labs. I've bought a used Pass Labs 150.5, (on AudioAsylumTrader). I'll be waiting breathlessly for its arrival. I considered one of the XA30.5's available be decide the lower price and hea ... Read More »

Bullet proof hifi?

I started looking for a mini system for my 12 year old daughter about a week ago. Iv learned that most companies build in a burnout failure time. Can someone recommend a mini or shelf system she could use from today, through her college years? This planned burnout time is unacceptable. She nee ... Read More »

I too have a big bullet to bite soon

I will be moving in a few months, and will have to purchase a surround system for my new home, as I can't take the one I have with me - it was a part of a "package deal" when I bought the house, and has in-wall speakers, and a built-in "home entertainment center" that I'd only destroy if I were to r ... Read More »

Eichmann Bullet Plug?

Have any of you guys used the Eichmann Bullet Plug RCA connectors? What were your experiences with them? I have been using them for the past week on some interconnects which I made out of some Vampire Wire. I have been impressed with the performance. I compared this interconnect with my Kimber ... Read More »

add review eichmann cables ,,speaker and interconnect and bullet plugs

hi these bullet plugs are way so popular right now online,,,why not use theyre interconnect and speaker cables,,,how about a review for all eichmann products,,interconnect,,spk cables and bullet plugs for theyre rca's, [url][/url] express 4 spk cables $200 links ... Read More »


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