HeadRoom Home Headphone Amplifiers

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Comfortably in the rack with your other high-end equipment, this amp delivers transcendently transparent listening.

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Home system for TV, IMAC, and IPAD

Hello all. I wanted to make an investment for my studio apartment, and thought that I would come here for your advice. Is there any sound system out there for less or around $1,000 that can provide audio for my HD TV, IMAC, and IPAD (IMAC & IPAD wirelessly/bluetooth)? I don't mind wires from the ... Read More »

Add a Subwoofer to a Lifestyle v35 Home Entertainment System (Bose)

Hello All! I want to add a subwoofer to this system. I DO NOT want to replace the sub (more like a mid) it comes with. Someone has to have figured this out by now. Has anyone done this? Any ideas? Thanks, JeffRead More »

Home remedies pests control

I finds these tips that don't use toxic chemical interesting as everybody in their lives had to deal with problem pests such as roaches and mouse. From NBC web site: [B]DIY repellent for ants[/B]: Save your coffee grounds! Coffee grounds are a natural ant repellent. If you spread coffee grounds a ... Read More »

Connecting Passive Sub to Home Theatre Receiver

Hey Guys, I have an ONKYO TX-DS575X receiver and this 8" passive sub from a car, shown here [url]http://goo.gl/8xbCt[/url] . The sub has a 4 ohm impedence, and the mininum (recommended) for my receiver is 6, or I'd just plug it into a front channel. The receiver has a subwoofer pre-out, so I guess ... Read More »

Going Home indeed.

Alvin Lee dies after routine surgery. :cryin: [url=http://social.entertainment.msn.com/music/blogs/reverb-blog.aspx?feat=3b76d1fb-e3b6-4076-9828-06814c7ee472%3Fgt1]Reverb Music Blog[/url]Read More »