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Product Image
unknown 11-in-1 Accessory Kit (DGIPOD1422) for 4th Generation iPod Nano
0 Reviews
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MSRP  26.00
Description: Dreamgear net - i.Sound 11-In-1 Accessory Kit - Multimedia Player Kit The 11 in 1 Accessory Kit has everything you need for your iPod Nano 4G. Included in this kit is high quality Earbuds to provide clean and clear stereo sound, an Audio Splitter that enables you to share your music with a friend using any standard headphones, a Mesh Sleeve that provides a sturdy but stretchable case with elastic band, the Sport Arm Band: perfect for running or working out. The Sport Armband is made of high quality neoprene construction and Velcro closure that makes it perfect for any size arm.


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