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Product Image
unknown FID Irock 730i 128 MB MP3 Player
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Description: The irock! 730i is a small lightweight and stylish unit that caters to the people that want to listen to their music during their walk/jog/run around the neighborhood, doing some yard work, or just lying around the house. This is by no means meant to compete against the travel-around-the-country-with-all-your-music iPod from Apple. The 730i is packaged with a protective case, some earbuds with spongy covers, a USB cable, a quick-start guide, and yes my friends, a battery IS included! You also get a decent software bundle. Other than the irock! Transfer Manager, you get a customized irock! version of MusicMatch that includes a multiformat player (MP3, WMA) an MP3 encoder, a CD ripper and burner and more. This customized version also includes a one-click button to transfer audio files to your irock! digital audio player. The CD also contains the full manual to your player and MP3i Creator DX, something we will delve into in a short while.


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