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Product Image
Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 Headphones
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  124.00
Description: The Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4vi comes with a response bandwidth of 20 - 15000 Hz which delivers a brilliant sound output. The 105 dB/mW sensitivity of these binaural headphones assures you the loudest of sounds. This Ultimate Ears earbuds comes with 29ohm impedance which ensures that you receive optimum sound quality. Available with a 4ft cable, the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4vi is a convenient accessory. The gun metal silver color of this binaural headphones readily compliments any handset. This Ultimate Ears earbuds comes with a gold-plated plug which gives you a stunning connectivity. The Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4vi does not require any battery to run which helps you cut down on expenses too.


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