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Product Image
AKG Acoustics K 315
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  39.99
Description: Lightweight, comfortable fit makes them the perfect choice for everyday use. iPhone compatibility allows use with an iPhone without the need for an extra adapter. Large 13mm drivers, along with Super Bass punch, deliver realistic, full spectrum sound from virtually any portable device In-line volume control gives you complete control of your portable device's volume even with it tucked safely away. Included carrying pouch helps keep your headphones safe and secure when not in use. <ul> <li>Frequency range (Hz-kHz): 17-23</li> <li>Input impedance (ohms): 32</li> <li>Sensitivity (dB SPL/V): 126</li> <li>Semi-open, dynamic headphones</li> <li>Suited for (SA)CD, DVD(A), DAT</li> <li>Best for MP3, CD, MD and PC/laptops</li> </ul>


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