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Hitachi CP-X265 Multimedia Projector
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Description: The Hitachi CP-X265 is a portable projector designed for business, religion or education use. Bringing advanced networking capabilities, the CP-X265 allows for remote control and monitoring, adding to the convenience of the end-user and a lower cost of ownership. The projector features a simple and ergonomic styling with wide connectivity. The Hitachi CP-X265 projector allows for web control, enabling management of several projectors simultaneously over a network. Additionally, the CP-X265 boasts an “e-Shot” feature that enables up to four electronic images to be recalled or displayed using the projector’s remote control, Hitachi’s PJCtrl™ or PJMan™ applications. In addition to remote monitoring and control, the CP-X265 also features MyScreen/MyMemory preset options, a remote control with Hitachi’s “MyButtons” function, and advanced security features including a security bar, Kensington slot and transition detector.


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