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Epson PowerLite® 811p Multimedia Projector
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Description: Get ready for 2000 lumens of brightness, XGA resolution, and a remarkable combination of features that give you the flexibility to meet virtually any presentation requirement - in any situation. Available at a great value, the EPSON PowerLite 811p is engineered for maximum power and versatility. Bright enough to install in a conference room or auditorium, but light enough to carry across town, this whisper-quiet portable has a feature set that adapts to any presentation environment. With its advanced optics and three Epson 0.9" high-aperture LCDs, it offers the greatest color and detail for superior image quality. ??This versatile product goes one step further, providing some impressive features without costly expansion modules. Multiple inputs offer flexible connectivity, while the 1.35x optical zoom lens supports a variety of placement options. Horizontal keystone correction provides additional positioning flexibility. The lamp access on top of the projector enables easy changes,...


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