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Product Image
Epson PowerLite® 73c Multimedia Projector
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Description: An incredible value in XGA multimedia projectors, the EPSON PowerLite 73c delivers 1500 lumens of brightness and the highest standards of image quality (500: 1 contrast), all in a sleek 6.4 lb unit. Designed with innovative EPSON 3-LCD technology for vivid images and superior color saturation, this powerful performer shines bright in any situation. With unique features including Epson's exclusive auto keystone correction, the PowerLite 73c is ideal for any presentation. It even offers monitor out capability, so presenters can use the monitor as a prompt. Plus, with a convenient remote control, operation couldn't be easier! And, like all EPSON PowerLite projectors, the EPSON PowerLite 73c is backed by renowned Epson service and support.


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