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Epson PowerLite® 61P Multimedia Projector
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Description: With a host of high-performance features, the Epson PowerLite 61p is the ideal solution for virtually any presentation. Its flexible connectivity, plus powerful 5 watt audio make this SVGA unit perfect for any classroom or board room. Epson high-aperture LCDs work with its brilliant 2000 ANSI lumens to deliver accurate color, superior color saturation and remarkable image quality in any setting. And, with four input connections, plus automatic source selection, setup and operation couldn't be easier! Just plug it in, and you're presenting within seconds. With whisper-quiet operation, unbeatable reliability and a convenient carrying case, the Epson PowerLite 61p ensures quality presentations that really make the grade. Special features include color-coded cables, audible power-on and -off beeps, quick start-up time, source search function, automatic digital keystone correction, optical zoom lens, monitor out capability, password-protected security, full-featured remote control, including mouse emulation fu


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