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Product Image
3M SharpVision XV-S55U Multimedia Projector
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Description: The future in front projection is here with proven LCD technology and superior video circuitry. The XV-S55U is DVD ready with component video inputs. In addition to this accepting this new high-end signal, the XV-S55U has 3D-3Y signal processing for superior picture quality and incredible brightness allowing you to view your favorite picture in a normally lit room.??The Xv-S55U sets the gold standard in big screenpPerformance standard. It is the first home theater projector to incorporate the advancements of 3D-YC circuitry and component video inputs. The highly sophisticated 3D-3Y circuitry is a digital comb filter that greatly reduces video noise and improves resolution to previously unachieved levels. Component video is the new high-end output/input of DVD and other future TV devices. It allows higher resolution and quality compared to composite, or even S-Video. The combination of these give the XV-S55U superior color imagery. Along with its built-in line doubler and ultra-brig...


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