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MSRP  4600.00
Description: This 240 lb, 66” tall floorstanding speaker boasts the 10” Woven Carbon Fiber Megawoofer lowbass and 10” WCF midbass from our acclaimed FF3 SRE in a symmetrical array with four 8” Neodymium midrange ribbon panels (166Hz to 10 kHz) and two 1” spiral ribbon tweeters (flat to 25 kHz) in a column only 12.5” wide and 17” deep. Thin dimensions and full driver symmetry guarantee pinpoint imaging and a soundstage both wide and deep, with layering and detail that is simply breathtaking. Cabinetry is one and one half inch thick MDF baffles ( plus 1 1/8” sides and top) treated with Soundcoat for 10dB less panel vibration. The result is 24Hz bass with ultraclean 115dB/1M output levels.


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