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Product Image
RBH Sound 8300-SE R
0 Reviews
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MSRP  9700.00
Description: The reference version of the 8300-SE, the 8300-SE/R, features upgraded 6.5-inch fixed phase plug aluminum cone woofers, a liquid-cooled Scanspeak silk dome tweeter, and a modified crossover network to manage the upgraded drivers. The reference-level upgrades provide increased power handling and improved resolution, resulting in superior sonic clarity. The 8300-SE/R’s cabinet is constructed of .75-inch MDF and is internally-braced to eliminate standing waves and cabinet resonance. A bass reflex design, the 8300-SE/R features a highly efficient, dimpled front-firing flared port which works in conjunction with the three 8-inch woofers to allow the frequency response to extend down to a bone-rattling 22Hz! True to the RBH Sound Signature Series tradition, the cabinets are custom-finished in one of RBH


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