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Product Image
Mirage OMD-15
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  399.88
Description: Advanced OMNIPOLAR technology in concert with an innovative cabinet design serves as the foundation for this new member of the high-end OM Design series. Creating incredibly lifelike soundensp;mdash;ensp;perfectly natural, realistic and dynamicensp;mdash;ensp;the OM Design models guarantee incomparable music and movie experiences. The Mirage OMD-15 2-way speaker is magnetically shielded to prevent distortion to other electrical appliances like TVs and monitors.. This stereo speaker has a cable connection and delivers better acoustics as compared to wireless speakers. The Mirage OMD-15 has a black, pink exterior having a polished wooden cabinet finish making it visually appealing. This 2-way speaker is designed so as to be wall mounted and is easy to store. The Mirage OMD-15 has a high nominal power of 200 Watt RMS and del


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