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Acuhorn  Nero125
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Description: acuhorn nero125 are loudspeakers designed for modern music, with perfect musicality and stereophony. The single source of sound transports individual musical effects into precise physical locations. This hifi gear offers you forward clear information with swiftness of reaction. The driver with a diaphragm with large surface easily transmits the lowest frequencies - full, diverse and dynamic. Position the loudspeakers far from a listener and closer and parallel to each other for spatial to the sides sound rendering thick, satiated bass. Modern music has a strong bass base which provides it with a proper sense. <P> <LI>technical specifications: <LI>wooden two acoustic chambers type <LI>neodymium driver TSR200 <LI>impedance 4 ohm <LI>sensitivity 96 dB <LI>internal silver cable Siltech G6 <LI>terminal Nextgen WBT-0710 Ag <LI>weight 30 kg piece <LI>dimensions W 20 x D 50 x H 125 cm


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