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Product Image
ViewSonic VP2330wb 23 in. LCD TV
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Description: Expand your view with the VP2330wb 23" widescreen LCD display. This elegant display's widescreen aspect ratio ENHANCES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY, allowing you to view two complete documents or work in two applications side-by-side. Organize graphics toolbars and schematics while working in the main document and expand your notebook's display area with the VP2330wb. Built on our tradition of award-winning displays, the VP2330wb features innovative PERFECTSUITE™ SCREEN CONTROL SOFTWARE FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE FRONT-OF-SCREEN PERFORMANCE. Demanding users will revel in the advanced ergonomics including the progressive THINEDGE™ DESIGN WITH COMPREHENSIVE HEIGHT AND PIVOT* adjustments. Professional-caliber features like ClearMotiv™ 8ms gray-to-gray broadcast quality video response deliver superior clarity and perfect focus when viewing moving images making the VP2330wb the perfect choice for maximizing your visual experience.


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