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Product Image
ViewSonic NextVision N3250W 32 in. LCD Television
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Description: ViewSonic's N3250w high-definition, 32 (31.5 viewable) wide-screen LCD TV display rewards you with STUNNING HIGH-DEFINITION IMAGES whether you're using it as a PC display or the centerpiece of your visual entertainment. Its elegant lines fit smoothly into any home décor. Advanced CLEARPICTURE ELECTRONICS, 1366x768 resolution, and high brightness and contrast ratios deliver brilliant colors and crisp images. Connect HD set top boxes, DVD players, game consoles and more through the multiple video and audio connections to build a COMPLETE HIGH-DEFINITION HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. Two powerful 10-watt stereo speakers and SRS WOW virtual surround sound capability complete your visual experience. HDMI digital input provides ease of connection with audio and video in one cable and long-term compatibility ensures you'll continue to enjoy high-definition video entertainment and computer graphics into the future.


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