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Product Image
Planar PD42ED 42 in. EDTV-Ready Plasma TV
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Description: Enhance your visual experience with the Planar® 42 PD42ED Plasma Display which delivers WVGA resolutions of up to 852x480 pixels for crisp and clear images. This display combines enhanced brightness of 750 cd/m², contrast ratio of 1300:1 and power consumption with the convenience of an integrated TV Tuner and a staggering variety of video inputs. These multiple inputs connect directly and easily to DVD players, VCRs, laptops, workstations, composite and S-video sources - even high-definition and DTV sources. Thin and lightweight, you can place your display just about anywhere wall, tabletop and even suspend it from the ceiling. Featuring a wide viewing angle of over 160º, the PD42ED delivers distortion-free images making it an ideal choice for use in lobbies, video conferences, commercial signage, and industrial areas as well as on display in your living room.


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