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Product Image
Mitsubishi LT-52133 52 in. HDTV LCD TV
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Description: More color, for a more colorful image Mitsubishi is taking Color to a new level with x.v.Color(TM) support and Mitsubishi`s Full Spectrum Color(TM). x.v.Color(TM) is the new standard for HDTV and it enables 80% more color than standard HDTV! Mitsubishi`s Full Spectrum Color(TM) results in 25% more color than standard LCD. Reds and Yellows become more vivid and there are more available shades of Green, Cyan and Blue resulting in a more vivid and more realistic image. Additional color features such as Color 4D Noise Reduction and PerfectColor(TM) allow for advanced color processing and adjustment. The result is breathtaking realism with vivid, yet natural Color Without Compromise


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