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Product Image
Apex Digital DRX-9200 DVD Recorder
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Description: The Apex DRX-9200 DVD player/recorder offers digital recording, a progressive-scan DVD player, and a lot more. In addition to recording television programs onto DVDs, the DRX-9200 will also let you digitize old videotapes when connected to a VCR as well as make permanent digital copies of home movies from your camcorder. The DRX-9200's recorders allow you to record onto DVD-R discs or rerecordable DVD-RW discs. Setting up a recording is simple. The DRX-9200 has an onscreen timer recording menu, similar to a VCR, and a built-in TV tuner so you can set up a recording entirely through the DRX-9200's menu. DVD-R copies of recordings made by the DRX-9200 will play on almost all DVD players and DVD-compatible computers. In addition to high-quality recordings, you'll get the most out of your DVD library as well. The DRX-9200 utilizes progressive-scan video technology to yield vivid colors, clean resolution, and reduced onscreen distortion, when linked to a high-definition-compatible television. The DRX-9200 plays DV


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