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Orpheus Heritage DACs

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Product Description

2xAES, 2xRCA, 2xBNC
Weight 30 kg

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yba heritage a100

Just wanted to post a review of this new line from YBA. I recently purchased the A100 heritage integrated here in Montreal and its fantastic. It has all the characteristics of previous YBA gear with many improvements...including a lower noise floor. It drives My Elacs effortlessly! here is a youtube ... Read More »

DCM or Vndersteens or Ohm/Walsh or Klipsch Heritage

Hi guys, After getting back into 2-chl w/ not being all that inpressed w/ H/T I do have a few questions. I'm right now in the ownership of multiple sets of speeks.I had a pair of resurrected Bose 601s that I nursed back to life w/refoaming and redoing the cabinets after they looked like so many pie ... Read More »

Advent Heritage Speaker replacement

I have a 17 year old pair of advent towers. They are beautiful and easily one of the best speakers I have ever owned. I realized this past weekend that the foam surrounding the speakers (8 inch) have just disintegrated. I desperately what to replace them with the same speaker if posible. Does an ... Read More »

Advent Heritage Dual Woofers or Not?

I pulled the crossover to replace the caps on my Advent Heritage's and noticed the bandpasses for the 2 "woofers" are different -- coil and cap pairs are different sizes for the 2 woofers. I have to conclude that the 2 cover different frequency ranges, but the mystery (to me) is that they share the ... Read More »

ADVENT heritage 8 inch speaker blown: where or how

I have a set of ADVENT heritage tower speakers...........The 8 inch speaker is blown (low frequencies I can here rumbling/distortion): I saw a few foam repair kits for the rim.............I inspected the foam and there are no tears....How do I tell if its the coil, foam rim or cone? Any advice? ... Read More »

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