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Orpheus Heritage DACs

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Product Description

2xAES, 2xRCA, 2xBNC
Weight 30 kg

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DCM or Vndersteens or Ohm/Walsh or Klipsch Heritage

Hi guys, After getting back into 2-chl w/ not being all that inpressed w/ H/T I do have a few questions. I'm right now in the ownership of multiple sets of speeks.I had a pair of resurrected Bose 601s that I nursed back to life w/refoaming and redoing the cabinets after they looked like so many pie ... Read More »

Advent Heritage Speaker replacement

I have a 17 year old pair of advent towers. They are beautiful and easily one of the best speakers I have ever owned. I realized this past weekend that the foam surrounding the speakers (8 inch) have just disintegrated. I desperately what to replace them with the same speaker if posible. Does an ... Read More »

Advent Heritage Dual Woofers or Not?

I pulled the crossover to replace the caps on my Advent Heritage's and noticed the bandpasses for the 2 "woofers" are different -- coil and cap pairs are different sizes for the 2 woofers. I have to conclude that the 2 cover different frequency ranges, but the mystery (to me) is that they share the ... Read More »

ADVENT heritage 8 inch speaker blown: where or how

I have a set of ADVENT heritage tower speakers...........The 8 inch speaker is blown (low frequencies I can here rumbling/distortion): I saw a few foam repair kits for the rim.............I inspected the foam and there are no tears....How do I tell if its the coil, foam rim or cone? Any advice? ... Read More »

Heritage Classic in HDTV

Just wondering if anyone else managed to catch the NHL's Heritage Classic outdoor hockey game in HD? For those of you who missed it, it was truly one of the more spectacular events ever caught in HD IMO. Of course, I'm a Canadian -- and therefore a big hockey fan -- so I'm somewhat biased towards ... Read More »

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