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Product Image
unknown NC300WH
0 Reviews
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MSRP  605.13
Description: Broan-Nutone NC300WH NC300 CD Changer, WhitePlay Your Favorite CD or an Entire CollectionThe NC300 CD Changer is a multi-disc compact disc player that connects to the NM200 or NM100 ?ÇÿMaster?ÇÖ Station to play back your favorite audio CD's. The CD changer mounts below the ?ÇÿMaster?ÇÖ unit and contains a slide in CD magazine that can hold up to 6 Compact Discs. Five CD playing modes are available: Normal - Plays CDs and tracks sequentiallyRepeat Song - Repeat the current trackRepeat Disc - Repeats the current disc from the beginningRandom Disc - Randomly play tracks from the current discRandom All - Randomly play tracks from all CDsNext Disc, Previous Track, Play/Pause, and Next Track pushbuttons control the changer while playing. The NM200 and NM100 ?ÇÿMaster?ÇÖ unit display shows the disc number selected and the track number currently playing.


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