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Product Image
Sphinx Project 32
2 Reviews
rating  5 of 5
MSRP  6500.00
Description: 4 x Burr Brown 1704 DACs, True 24 Bit, 8 x oversampling (352,8 kHz), upsampling to 96 kHz/ 24 Bit, 2nd order 40 kHz Butterworth output filter. 2 separate units: a power supply unit & a transport & electronics-unit


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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by yilun a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: February 25, 2002

Bottom Line:   
Superbly animated nuances, totally natural timbre, inner detail and close emotive feelings . With the level of detail that would have made top class CD machines sound extremely clinical, the Sphinx does it in unheard of musicality and realism. With a special inner radiance shining out from female vocals, it opens the transparent midrange and above with glitter and palpability. So breathtakingly communicative and close with the most gorgeous mids I’ve ever heard, including analog sources…

Expressive detail and colourful timbric intonations,impeccable quietness and low noise floor, an extremely precise micro contrast. Complex music was presented in a cool precise manner. It handled everything effortlessly with refinement, allure, and assurance. Macro dynamic swings and transients were simply prodigious.
The quietness of the player bringing voices out of thin air with pinpoint accuracy.

Soundstage is superlative in terms of layering, depth, width and instrument placement. Clear, silky highs perfectly matching the warm, clean mids cushioned by a deep, fast, solid low end. All in all, a super refined, detailed sound coupled with supreme musicality and relaxation. The beast plays every genre of music superbly.
Read detailed review - Egyptian Wonder at www.1388.com

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Used product for:   Less than 1 month

Duration Product Used:   AudioPhile

Product model year:   2000

Price Paid:    $8000.00

Purchased At:   Germany

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by tapsa a Audiophile

Date Reviewed: June 25, 2000

Bottom Line:   
sphinx new project 32 is amazing good player, very airy,pure and fast.soundstage is deep and i hear lot new voices,i have own many top players but i think new sphinx is best what i have ever hear,my system sphinx cd and ar ls 16 preamp,(i try sphinx project 8 preamp this moment, and i like that preamp is very good too)krell 350 monos,transparent cables and dunlavy sc 6 speakers sound now very good.i recommend very much

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Used product for:   1 to 3 months

Duration Product Used:   Audiophile

Product model year:   2000

Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)

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