Sony CDP-CX225 CD Players

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Stop fumbling with jewel boxes. Stop searching your shelves. Stop pulling the cushions off your couch looking for lost CDs. Sony's MegaStorage CD Changers are the easiest ways to store, index, and (of course) play your music collection. Put 200 of your favorite CDs in this one and you'll have fast, complete control over what you hear. Features like Delete Bank remembers tracks you'd rather skip while the Block File feature organizes the carousel of the CDP-CX225 MegaStorage CD Changer into eight blocks of CDs, identified by letter codes A through H, for easier retrieval. This system maintains stable tracking, laser focus and disc rotation - all with higher precision and lower radiated noise.??It's easier than ever to record your music onto MiniDisc. The optical digital output connects a MiniDisc recorder for pure digital-to-digital compilations of your favorite tracks, and Sony's S-Link Control A1 automatically downloads CD Text information to a compatible MD recorder! 8X Oversampling Digital Filter combin...

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