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Sony CDP-CX210 200-Disc CD Changer
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Description: Tired of opening CD jewel cases everytime you want to listen to a different disc? Here's a solution. Put 200 of your favorite CDs in this one and you'll have fast, complete control over what you hear. ??MegaStorage 200 Disc CD Changer gives you storage/playback capability for up to 200 of your favorite CDs. You won't be fumbling with jewel boxes anymore once you get this unit loaded. Block File organizes your CDs into 8 areas establishes 8 different areas in the tray for different types of music. Sony S-Link Control System lets you build an entertainment system that is easier and more intuitive to operate, with enhanced A/V functionality. Front panel Jog Dial rotates through the discs for fast easy selection. Remote Commander remote control features 10-key Direct Access track search, 5-key Direct Access disc search, Programming and Digital Volume Control. Pulse D/A Converter minimizes zero-cross distortion, considered by researchers to be the most audible distortion in CD players.The result is remarkable s...


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