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Sony CDP-CE235
0 Reviews
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Description: Make your CD listening a little easier, and make it last a little longer. This 5-CD Changer is loaded with convenience features. Play 1/Exchange 4 capability, digital Servo Control all combine to make it easier to load/listen to the CDs you want. ??Play/Exchange capability lets you change four CDs while the fifth one plays. Pulse D/A Converter minimizes zero-cross distortion, considered by researchers to be the most audible distortion in CD players. The result is remarkably smooth, open sound - even during delicate quiet passages. 8x oversampling digital filter is provided for better stereo imaging and greater accuracy. Multi-disc programming plays up to 32 songs in any sequence you choose, from any of the five discs you choose. Time, Program and Multi-Disc Program Edit make recording from the player a snap. When editing music onto cassette, it would be nice to find the loudest passage on a CD. That's what Peak Search does, making it easy to set exactly the right recording levels. Digital Servo Control sys...


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