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Sony CDP-CA9ES 5-Disc CD Changer
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Description: Treat yourself to audiophile-pleasing sound quality and classic carousel-style convenience with a Sony ES 5-CD changer. You'll love useful playback features like disc exchange (change up to 4 discs while one remains playing), Disc Memo (for entering and displaying disc titles) and Delete Bank (remembers to skip over the songs you don't want to hear). All the while you'll get the kind of stunning musical accuracy and detail that's synonymous with Sony ES. ??The brainy CDP-CA9ES even offers advanced Custom File memory features like Level File (stores volume preferences for each disc) and Music Clip (4 "clips" let you group tracks for playback). The design and construction are ES all the way, right down to the anti-resonant aluminum front panel and separate analog and digital power supplies. You'll finally hear all the presence and realism hiding in your CDs!


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