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Sony CDP-CX240
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Description: Tired of opening CD jewel cases everytime you want to listen to a different disc? Here's a solution. Put 200 of your favorite CDs in this one and you'll have fast, complete control over what you hear. Features like Delete Bank remembers tracks you'd rather skip while the Block File feature organizes your CDs in eight areas. ??MegaStorage 200 Disc CD Changer gives you storage/playback capability for up to 200 of your favorite CDs. You won't be fumbling with jewel boxes anymore once you get this unit loaded. Block File organizes your CDs into 8 areas establishes 8 different areas in the tray for different types of music. Sony S-Link Control System lets you build an entertainment system that is easier and more intuitive to operate, with enhanced A/V functionality. Front panel Jog Dial rotates through the discs for fast easy selection. Remote Commander remote control features 10-key Direct Access track search, 5-key Direct Access disc search, Programming and Digital Volume Control. Pulse D/A Converter minimize...


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