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Product Image
Sony MXD-D5C 5-Disc CD Changer
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Description: Load five CDs, a blank MD, and you're off! In one smart component, the MXD-D5C brings loads of digital music fun and functionality to your home audio system - multi-CD playback, MD recording, editing and playback, plus internal high-speed (4X) dubbing from CD to MiniDisc. Dual front-panel jog dials (one each for CD and MD) and a direct-access remote keep you in control, while a large two-line display keeps you informed.??Enter disc/track titles for your MDs; you can even plug in your PC's (PS/2-compatible) keyboard for easier, faster title entry. (The titles transfer automatically when you dub CD Text discs.) When you're mixing songs from a batch of CDs, use digital record level control to match volumes from song to song; or use Sony's cool Scale Factor Edit feature to adjust MD track volumes after they're recorded. High-quality analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters provide accurate MiniDisc recording and playback - you'll love the sound!


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