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Onkyo C-S5VL
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Description: Sampling audio signals at a rate 64 times higher than CD, Super Audio CD gives you the closest possible approximation of being in the same room as the musicians. Little wonder, then, that it has established itself as the audiophiles format of choice. Now, with the C-S5VL, Onkyo makes quality audio more accessible than ever. The C-S5VL is a stellar playback solution for Super Audio CD mdash; as well as regular CDs and WMA- or MP3-encoded discs mdash; and makes an ideal partner for Onkyos slim-line A-5VL integrated amplifier. <ul> <li>VLSC: Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry</li> <li>Precise clocking mechanism</li> <li>Wolfson Microelectronics</li> <li>High-grade build quality</li> </ul>


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