JBL Harmony CD Players

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JBL Harmony CD/ Radio Player (Black)

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Harmony Remotes

I just picked a Harmony 600 at Sams Club for $29.00. I love they way it works and controls everything perfectly, but I don't like they way it feels in my hand. So I was looking at the 880 and a few other Harmonys that are shaped like the 880, which I've head and feel much better. I've read quit ... Read More »

Heads up for Harmony One owners

In case you own a Logitech Harmony One, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the problem some are having with swollen batteries. Thats right, so swollen you cannot remove it to put in a new one. It sounds like it was the batteries from the Logitech forums [url]http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Ha ... Read More »

Logitech Harmony Remotes and a Rotel RSX-1075

I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I got a great deal on a Rotel RSX-1075 because the remote control is broken and I'm wondering if Harmony remotes will handle all the set-up, adjustments, etc I have to do as well as basic power and volume adjustments. Thanks in advance for any helpRead More »

Setting up Harmony 880 with Receiver, TV, PS3

Hi, So I have all the components [LIST] [*]Harmony 880 [*]Sony HDTV [*]PS3 [*]Onkyo TX-SR607 [*]ATT Uverse internet and cable [*]x10 IR extender [*]PS3IR-500 for PS3 [/LIST] My question is how do I setup TV, PS3, and Onkyo for Harmony 880. I couldn't find a good How-To article anyw ... Read More »

Logitech is replacing my Harmony 880 already

I got the Harmony 880 after research and cost considerations. I had a few issues with functionality which Harmony fixed via something on their end and a refresh of the programming. It does everything I wanted it to do with a few items on the wish list. I ran into the odd intermittent issue with t ... Read More »


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