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Product Image
Aerial Acoustics Model CC3B
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1600.00
Description: The Aerial Model CC3B is a high-performance shielded 3-way loudspeaker designed for center channel use in the finest home theater systems. It provides natural balance with wide bandwidth (-3dB at 50 Hz) and high dynamic capabilities. Designed for use with all Aerial speakers, the CC3B is also suitable for use with many of the best loudspeakers from other manufacturers. The Model CC3B features an unusually high degree of control flexibility through its precision rotary switches. The Environment switch provides midrange / treble adjustment for system matching, for room compensation, and especially for different installation environments such as on-stand, on-video monitor, and built-in custom mounting. The Program switch selects between flat response and two levels of midrange attenuation. The Environment and Program switches may be used together to provide a broad range of tailored responses to fit most requirements.


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