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Naim CDS555
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Description: * a machined, heavy, solid transport tray to reduce resonance and vibration amplitude. <br> * high mass design to improve suspension characteristics, providing isolation from the chassis and other components. <br> * low infra red reflective coatings around the CD to reduce eye pattern interference and noise. <br> * an extremely low inertia and low resonance CD clamp. <br> * a Philips Pro CD mechanism with a die-cast chassis. <br> * a very heavy brass sub-chassis - separate for digital and analogue electronics. <br> * analogue stages, I-to-V conversion, filtering and output driver are built from discrete components. <br> * seven-pole output filters. <br> * a separate low jitter clock circuit with its own multi-stage regulated power supply. <br> * post-digital filter de-jitter circuitry to eliminate jitter. <br> * DACs are isolated from electric and magnetic fields. <br> * a motorised top loading door. <br>


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