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Product Image
Grundig CD4000 Personal CD Player
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Description: Folding construction. Dia. 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. Ext. DC jack (7.5V). 12 keys for CD Radio operation. 9 keys for Clock operation. Bass Boost switch. Auto power off function. EL backlight. 4 x AA batteries. Audio section Detachable 2 x 8W speaker boxes. Bass Boost function. 2 x 500mW Audio output power. Rotary mechanical volume control. CD section 3 beam laser pick-up. 1 bit D/A converter. 8 times sampling digital filter. Auto power off (30 seconds). 20 tracks programmable memory. Play mode: normal, repeat one, repeat all, Intro and Random. 40 seconds super Electronic Anti-shock. 3 CD compatible. Radio section FM rod antenna. 12 Stations Preset. Auto scanning. Built-in AM antenna. FM stereo/mono selectable. Clock section Clock, Date Indicator. 12 hour time mode. Dual alarms function. 15, 30 and 60 minutes Sleep function. Snooze function. Local/world time. Wake up to Radio, CD or Buzzer.


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