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Product Image
Fisher PCD-2100C Personal CD Player
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Description: The two had been best friends since grammar school, some 15 years ago. Now Kelly and Alanna were leaving on a vacation through five neighboring states. Their bags were in the trunk. The car was filled with gas. They had enough snacks and soft drinks to get them through the first day. Everything was moving smoothly until, that is, Kelly put a CD into the car's CD player. Nothing. Not a peep, not a note, just a lot of nada. And nada was not a good thing when you were staring at five days in a car, friend or no friend. With Kelly fretting and stewing, Alanna calmly reached over, opened the glove compartment, and pulled out her Fisher PCD-2100C personal CD player. Not only did it have neat things like 20-track programmability, digital dynamic bass sound, and a 10-second Opti-Trac®3D antiskip system, but, most importantly, at this point in time, it also came with a car kit.


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