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Product Image
Coby CX-CD329 Personal CD Player
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Description: At about 1 inch thin, the COBY CX-CD329 is a slim, lightweight Personal and portable CD player that's designed to follow you anywhere. It'll play your favorite CDs whether you're in or out. It uses 2 AA Batteries (not included) for anytime use. Walking or jogging? The CX-CD329 has 60-Second AntiSkip protection. That means there's a built-in Memory that assures smooth play whether you're moving, shaking, rocking, or rolling. An Integrated LCD screen displays the playing track, Battery power, and other functions. What is the quality of life without a touch of Music in it? Raise the quality of life for you or a friend (or both) with this great, little, and stylish CD player from COBY.


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