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Aiwa XP-SP911 Personal CD Player
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Description: You're serious. You aim for perfection and go for it - body mind career socially. You also like fun and enjoyment. There are plenty of personal CD players, but Aiwa's CrossTrainer has been designed for your active and integrated lifestyle. Its sleek and stylish appearance is augmented with special features that resist water and shock because frankly you don't let a little rain and rugged terrain stop you from reaching your goal. 48 Second EASS Electronic Anti Shock System prescans music to assure smooth play as you jog, run, shake, rattle and roll. The XP-SP911 Cross Trainer Series Personal Portable CD Player features multiple play modes, selectable Dynamic Super Linear Bass for pleasingly deep natural sound performance, heat-resistant body. It plays up to 30 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries and includes Aiwa CrossTrainer stereo headphones, Sports Pouch and AC adapter. This CD-player is also equipped with DSL (Dynamic Super Linear Bass). This electronically controlled equalizer circuit monitors low frequ...


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