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Looking For Digital Coax Cable

Hi Guys, I'm looking for a new digital coax 75ohm cable to use between my CD player and my DAC. Need it to be 1.0m in length. I'm using an Audioquest VDM2 at the moment. Looking to spend around $200 to $300. I tried a Transparent Premium and didn't notice any difference. Thanks, JackRead More »

Illuminati coax digital cable

A few years back, I purchased an "Illuminati" digital cable to go from my CD player to the D/A converter. I bought it from a dealer friend who sold it to me at his cost, but it still cost a small fortune - I mean $310 for a[B] half meter [/B] cable at retail? I have to admit that it sounds bette ... Read More »

digital coax cable

I purchased a new receiver and dvd player (sony). The receiver only has a digital coax input (no optical). Do I have to use a specialy purchased digital co-ax cable, or can I use half of an ordinary rca patch cord that I already have laying around?Read More »

LFE cable / Digital coax questions...

I need a 20 ft digital coax cable and a 30 ft LFE subwoofer cable. My first question is: what on earth is a subwoofer LFE cable? Is that the same as a digital coax cable? (They look like that have the same RCA connector...) Some companies market them as different cables, so I wasn't sure. The rea ... Read More »


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