Straight Wire Soundstage Speaker Cables

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Product Description

  • Jacket: Putty
  • Design: Helix
  • Insulation: Advanced PP
  • Conductor: OFHC 18 Gauge x 8

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collapsed soundstage

After my last posted I sat down to enjoy some grateful dead. Much to my surprise there was no imaging but rather concentrated sound coming from the center between my speakers. It sounded as if the musicians all fell down in the middle of the stage. I have always unitl now been happy with my imaging. ... Read More »

Soundstage Cart Review

Sound stage did a pretty favorable review on my cart the Audio-Technica OC9/ML/II and received the reviewers choice. I know I like it. [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

Soundstage Hybrid Amps

Has anyone here had any experience with this amp. they seem to be coming up alot on auction sites but not much on reviews. for the price that they are going for they seem to be quite a deal. do they have a home page(www.)?Read More »

Getting a Seamless Front Soundstage

Okay, right off the bat, I realize I don't have audiophile speakers. I have Sony ssmf650h towers for left/right channels, and the sscn550h for the center. Not the best, but not bad sounding speakers for the price. I sometimes notice differences in the transfer of sound from the towers to the smaller ... Read More »

What does "Soundstage" & Imaging exactly mean?

I keep seeing the term soundstage in alot of these posts. What exactly does that mean? I also see the word imaging. I think I know what that means but would appreciate someone giving me definitions of the 2. ThanksRead More »


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