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unknown The Power 1AC
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MSRP  185.00
Description: Joining the Audio Art family of Award Winning cable products (Positive Feedback Online Writer’s Choice Award-2006, Tone Audio Exceptional Value Award-2006, Stereo Times Editor’s Choice Most Wanted Components Award-2006), comes the introduction of a new generation of High Performance, High Quality, and High Value power cables, the Audio Art Cable power 1. <br> <br>In keeping with the philosophy of our other designs, you can expect more of what Audio Art has been delivering to high end audio and home theater enthusiasts around the world for over three years now—High end, audiophile quality performance at unbelievably low prices, without compromises in design or parts quality. <br> <br>Our new power 1 features a level of fit and finish typically found only with much more expensive, exclusive, high end audio-boutique products. <br> <br>To sum things up, our new power 1 is a power cable that will perform beyond your wildest expectations at an amazingly good price. <br> <br>From the new level of performance your system will attain, to a superb cable and parts quality, to the way this cable looks and feels, to an absolutely fabulous price…it’s all good. <br> <br>But then again, what did you expect? <br> <br>It’s Audio Art Cable. <br> <br>Connecting YOU…With the Music. <br> <br> <br> <br># Conductors — 99.99% pure OFC copper; Two 12 gauge conductors, and a 12 gauge ground. <br># Shield — 110% coverage Aluminum Mylar tape (spiral wrapped)+ tinned copper drain wire. <br># Diameter: 16 mm <br># Metallurgy — Ultra High Purity Copper <br># 2 ultra low inductance & resistance 12 gauge conductors and ground. Allows for unrestricted dynamics and current flow. <br># Noise canceling geometry. <br># 100%+ shielding for noise rejection. <br># Flexible Midnight Blue Metallic PVC Jacketing with attractive clearcoat. <br># Optional High-End Furutech FI-11, or Wattgate 5266i / IEC 320 plugs. <br># AC cable performance & parts quality simply unheard of in this price range!!


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