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Upgraded power cables

Does upgrading the power cables, like what they sell at Audio Advisor, make a difference to an average or low end system? In other words, would I be likely to notice a difference? ThanksRead More »

Power cables??

Is it really worth changing the power cables out of my system? Receiver? Sub? Dvr? PS3? If so what am i looking for if I do in a home theater system? I see alot of threads that it does nothing for your system but wasted money. I always thought put the money into your gear and just use the power cord ... Read More »

PS Audio Power Cables

I have several PS Audio Power Cables and none of the IEC plugs fit snugly into any of my gear...i mean any of it!!!! The cheap cables that comes with the component fits 100x better than the PS Audio. Has anyone else had the same experience? They look great but if they don't fit who gives a ****?Read More »

PSAudio Quintet Power Conditioner and PerfectWave AC3 & AC5 Power Cables

I just got the PSAudio AC3 and AC5 power cables and Quintet Power Conditioner in for review. Unpacked tonight and am running them into the AudioNote DAC1 and the KingRex HQ-1 headphone amplifier. So far, just off the bat, I'm very impressed with construction. The power cables are very beefy. ... Read More »

Audiophile power cables: do they make a difference?

After tinkering around with the Hi-Fi tuning fuses and discovering that they make a very substantial improvement in the sound of my speakers, I started looking around elsewhere for areas for yet more tinkering, and the subject of power cords came up. I have no experience whatsoever with power cords ... Read More »

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