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Product Image
Nagys Audio Power Cable
0 Reviews
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MSRP  190.00
Description: Cable/Plug Specifications:<BR> <UL> <LI>300 Volts RMS</LI> <LI>60C</LI> <LI>18 Amps per conductor @ 25C</LI> <LI>13 Amps per conductor @ 25C over 50ft.</LI> <LI>EU RoHS compliant</LI> <LI>Plug connectors 15 amps @ 125V RMS</LI> </ul> Construction:<BR> <UL> <LI>Flexible design</LI> <LI>3X14 AWG bare copper (high purity) conductors</LI> <LI>Tin plated heavy duty drain wire</LI> <LI>Aluminum foil polyester tape shield (100% coverage) against RFI (radio frequency interference)</LI> <LI>PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride insulated inner conductors and outer jacket</LI> <LI>Finished with a premium Techflex sleeve, for luxurious look and feel</LI> <LI>Techflex is extremely flexible, has high strength, and resistance to abrasion</LI> </UL>


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