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coaxial interconect with 1.1mm diameter solid core center conductor made of O.F.C with a dense silver coating

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How important is it to use the name brand speakers in a HT setup ??

I recently began to assemble a small 5.1 HT system in my bedroom.Im using a Onkyo TX-SR503 receiver ,Energy C100 bookshelf speakers for fronts with the intention of purchasing all Energy speakers in the future with the exception of the subwoofer ( using a Polk PSW 110 sub )but while looking around ... Read More »

Name an Album Where Last Song Is The Best

You know how it is when you get a new record or CD and you listen to it and you find your favorite track that really defines the album for you. Sometimes it's the title track, or the first track. As you listen further and you get to the end and you say, well I guess they threw that last track on to ... Read More »

Name the one band you MUST see live.

I had a rather large bucket list but knocked off most of them over the last 5 years, especially Bob Dylan last fall. I know I'm really late to the party, but I've never seen Neil Young, David Bowie, or the Stones live. If I had to pick one, it would be nearly impossible. Nearly I say, but I think Bo ... Read More »

Name the First Song You Learned......

to play and on what instrument ? Like this............... PSYCHOTIC REACTION Count Five -- 1965 Drums @ 11 years old.Read More »

Name the record you have played more than...

you care to admit. me, its gotta be George Michael's Faith album. It was the only album of its kind that I could tolerate with any regularity. And I'd still rather hear it than Michael Bubble Butt.Read More »


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