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unknown CABLE4YOU
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MSRP  1900.00
Description: CABLE4YOU Dee-Lite is a referential shielded "interconnect" cable, made only from high quality components and materials. <br> <br>CABLE4YOU Dee-Lite conductors are made of OFHC of very high clearness. Cable's geometry is based on the combination of many times braided conductors and a "solid core" calibre AWG 19 and AWG 24. <br> <br>CABLE4YOU Dee-Lite is the first product from the new CABLE4YOU series, where the technology Airdiest™ (Air Dielectric Direct Signal Transmission) was used. This technology depends on the special cable's geometry, which allows the use of an air dielectric on the circuit conductor's trajectory (isolation among conductors and dielectric in the same time is created only by air). <br>


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